The two video clips that follow are great examples of post modern thinking.

Two ideologies that won ‘certain’ acceptance in the last century, in the courts of law and of public opinion, may not find acceptance in the ‘post’ post modern world.
The new way of thinking is that everyone is welcome to ‘join the discussion’, even Christians, so long as they’re willing to leave absolutes and certainties behind and work towards forming the consensus. In other words, we can all get along if nobody believes anything for certain.
Whether you are GLBT or a Feminist or a Christian does not matter as long as you are willing to capitulate, embrace the uncertainty, and join the discussion. We can expect to see many confrontations between those that believe in a particular ideology and the post modernists that are offended; not necessarily by the ideology but by the people that believe them to be true or certain or absolute.
The so called ‘Christian’ version of this is the ‘Emerging Church’.

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